Hello World!


How big of an Otaku, Awesome, Lazy and Crazy I am.


Hello Everyone, Konnichiwa !!

As an Introductory post, I want to keep it short and sweet. I wanted to start my own blog from ages. But didn’t make it through till now, when I found this awesome domain Otaku.Codes which reflects my personality #Otaku.

At the time of writing this post, I am about to attend my last day (College Farewell) at College (Undergrad). Hoping to start out something. Cool, Revolutionizing, Something that would

“Make the World a Better Place”.

Entrepreneur’s in Silicon Valley

So, Who Am I?

Easy, I am Viraj Trivedi, a Computer Engineering Undergrad from India. Crazy about all the Otaku things that you can think of.

Otaku?, what is that?

Otaku (オタク), according to Wikipedia is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.

So, an Otaku person is a Geek, Nerd always into Manga, Anime, Computers and Other Nerdy things. Yes, that is what I am in real life.

What do I do? Other than Anime and Manga Stuff

  • I code, checkout my Github, Codepen.
  • I read stuff, checkout my GoodReads.
  • I eat (a lot of exquisite stuff).
  • I draw Anime Characters, checkout my Instagram.

Reason behind this Blog.

Nothing fancy, just to share My Experiences (I ain’t an Old Guy, I am just 21 years old.) and My silly coding mistakes with everyone, and share my journey to become the King of Coders #LuffyOnePiece and Obviously to Make the World a Better Place.